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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Colors Of Google Flower Arrangement

Colors Of Google By

Everyday Flowers Tustin California
Wednesday January 31 2007

An unexpected customer came into the store on Tuesday looking for something a little different for their event being held on Wednesday. After showing the customer many of our Tropical flowers in the store the customer decided to do something similar to the Orange Celebration that was featured in the Orange County Home Magazine Back in July of 2006.

The catch was it needed to be in the colors of the Google Logo. What a surprise that someone from Google would choose us to create something for their event at their offices in Irvine. Of course he found us Google when doing a search for a local florist in the area.

This arrangement features cut oranges placed against the inside of the Glass Vase. The flowers include a mix of tropical flowers Green Anthuriums, Orange Parakeet (Helconia) Green Cymbidium Orchids Yellow Oncidium Orchids also red Calla Lilies Bells of Ireland Snap Dragons Iris Red Roses Blue Hydrangea and Yellow Acacia.

We would like to thank the Google staff member for choosing us to create these beautiful arrangements for them.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Celebrate Our 4th Year Of Business

Our 4th year of business will be complete January 22nd and to celebrate we are offering this week our Two Dozen Red Roses For $59.99. Delivery will be available from Saturday January 20th Thru Saturday January 27th.

It has been an incredible four years since we took over Everyday Flowers. Little did we know that its original owners had done such incredible job with the business that has been around for over 30 years beginning its start In the city of Irvine. The shop reallocated into the City of Tustin at its current location 6 Years ago and has continued to attract its long standing relationship with its original customers as well as the many new customers that have trusted us with their floral needs since we took over in January of 2003.

We are offering a taste of Valentines with our special this week. Why not take advantage of the price to see for yourself why our Freedom Roses our considered one of the best Rose products available in the market today. We have now been carrying this rose for over two years and yet customers are still amazed at its beautiful color and long lasting blooms.

We also like to thank all of our customers that not only gave us the chance to prove to them that we could offer such great customers service as well as quality product since we took over the existing business. Without you we would not be here and we thank you for your continued support of Everyday Flowers.


Eric & Linh Shaw


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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spring Flowers Tulips Now Available

Just finished adding three new Tulip Arrangements to the website. Tulips will be available until the end of May except during the week of Valentine's Day. All colors will be available.
Send Tulips In Orange County With Everyday Flowers

Our three new arrangements are arranged in a cylinder glass vase. We decided this year to use this type of vase to make sure that there was plenty of water, a larger opening for the growth of the tulips, easier access for adding fresh water, and for nice clean and elegant look to the arrangement.
Some Tips for Careing for Your Tulips.
1. Tulips need to be kept in a well lighted area. No direct sunlight.
2. Keep away from heat sources.
3. Keep plently of fresh water in the container and change the water when it becomes cloudy.
4. Recut tulips when you change the water usually after2 to 3 days and make sure you use a knife not scissors.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tropical Flower Arrangements

Two New Tropical Arrangements Where just Added To Our Site.

The first is a cylinder vase with a tea leaf wrapped inside in the vase. The arrangement includes Ginger, Dendrobium Orchids Lilies And Horse Tail (equisetum).

Our Second Arrangement Is A Taller Cylinder Vase With Ginger Heliconia Liatris Stargazer lilies Curly Willow Tea Leaves Seeded Eucaliptus And Cymbidium Orchid.

Both of these arrangements are now available for delivery in Orange County. We also have multiple shipments weekly of fresh tropical flowers arriving at our store. So that all of our products are fresh

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pre Book Your Valentine's Day Order

As we are getting closer to our favorite time of the year, well actually I think it’s the grower’s favorite time of the year. Its time to start checking out those deals that so many of those Flower Brokers are offering to the consumer.

Yes the price wars for Valentines are here. Pre book your Valentines Day order and save 25% to 40%. Taking a look at those prices right now makes you think why is it so much higher to order on Valentine’s Day then if I ordered now? The truth of the matter is that many of these online companies aren’t really florist and don’t have an actual location. Most of them will not be ordering Roses to stock in their stores and many of them never have.

So what is the catch? How can they offer such great deals? Many florist including ourselves have always pre book their roses months before the holiday. There is no substantial savings involved when a florist pre book’s their roses but it does help them make sure they are getting their roses. These discount prices that are being offered by these non florist are in fact done with out any consideration of the real cost.

One of the biggest factors this year compared to last year’s prices is shipping and transportation cost. Many of our pre booked roses as well as most floral related items have in fact gone up this year compared to last year by 15%. If you look right now we believe many of these non florists have actually kept their prices the same as last year with total disregard to the increases in the products this year.

The consumer needs to understand what florists are up against in this industry. The promise of lower pricing and misleading advertising hurts the industry as a whole. We want every consumer to be aware and pay attention when they are placing their orders this year. Contacting a local florist is usually your safest choice but beware that many of the online yellow pages are beginning to show more fake florist listings.

Take the time and make sure you are ordering from a real florist this year.

Useful Links For Consumers

Federal Trade Commission
Florist Detectives
Real Florist Blog

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