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Monday, April 30, 2007

The English Garden Flower Arrangement

The English Garden by Everyday Flowers
The English Garden by Everyday Flowers
Our newest arrangement added this week is called The English Garden. Designed in a ginger glass vase filled with orange tiger lilies alstromeria roses and mixture of seasonal fillers including wax flower sea foam statice and solidaster. Enjoy this newly added arrangement to the site and of course I have to warn you that my next post will be my 100th post.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Featured Arrangement This Week April 16 2007

This weeks featured arrangement is in a frosted rectangular red vase with Red Roses Gerbera Daisies Snap Dragons Hypericum Solidaster Eucalyptus and Tea Leaves. Check out our new arrangement just added to the website this week. And in case you where wondering yes next week is Secretaries Week. So don't wait to last minute to send your hard working employees a special thank you gift. Oh yes and Professional Administrative Day is April 25th. From fresh flowers to our fresh baked to order cookies. There is more then one way to thank that special someone.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mother's Day Top 10 Floral Tips

Thanks To Live Magazine, the promotion of using your local florist is creeping into the spot light. With Mother's Day one month away here are the top 10 floral tips when ordering flowers for Mother's Day.

1. Get full value for your dollar. By comparing prices and arrangements with local florists, you can be sure to get products that equal the value dollar!

2. Make sure you get what you order. If you do not receive what you were promised, contact the florist immediately and politely explain you specific situation. Most of the time local florists will happily deal with and fix the problem.

3. When you choose a special arrangement, you should get that specific arrangement. The arrangement may have been placed in the wrong container or have been mixed up with another order. Your local florist will most likely will fix the problem.

4. Call a local florist so that you can find out what flowers are available for the season. Some flowers are seasonal and real florists know this. So when you are unsure about this, be sure to contact a local florist for accurate answers.

5. Make sure all the fees are not paying a broker/middleman to forward your order to a local florist. The first lesson of savvy flower buying is to know with whom you deal and where they're located.

6. If you request a special delivery time, a local florist will always let you know if the specific delivery time is possible or not. Order gatherers may say their delivery will arrive as scheduled, but they really have no idea if this is possible until the local flower shop receives the order.

7. If you happen to like a special arrangement advertised by FTD, Teleflora, 1800flowers, or an order gatherer just call your local florist. Your local florist may already fill orders made through the above titles Teleflora FTD And 1800flowers. By placing flower orders directly with a local florist, they can save you the broker fee and the delivery fee will not come out of the value of the flowers.

8. Call a local florist to make sure a special container is available. If you contact your local florist by phone, they will make sure a special container, accessory, etc. is available. This helps the disappointment of later finding out it was not available but substituted with something similar.

9. If you are sending flowers out of the area... Call a local florist in your area to make sure the order was processed and check for no hidden fees. You cannot depend on florists you have not personally used. so it is best to get a reference.

10. Bypass the wire services. Consumers usually understand the value of placing orders direct with local flower shops that will design and deliver their bouquets. Recently, the web has opened the doors of local florists to consumers all over the world. Through bypassing the wire services and sticking with local florists, shoppers can easily avoid the affiliates pretending to be located in their towns.

Reference from OC Live Magazine April 2007 Article written by Allison Williams.
Mother's Day Top 10 Floral Tips OC Live Magazine

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Wedding And Reception At The Chart House Dana Point (CA)

Our first wedding in April takes us to the Chart House in Dana Point California. The Wedding flower colors where green white and cream. The wedding bouquet was made with Jade Roses Bells Of Ireland Hydrangea White Dendrobium Orchids Viburnum (my favorite) and Buplurem hand tied with a silk white ribbon.

Take a look at our most recent wedding at our website and in case you didn't notice in the background you can just barely see our new Everyday Flowers shirts! Well you know you go ta look good in Southern California.

Look for more of our weddings and and special events this summer.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sending your love this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day for me is a day that gives me a chance to reflect on all of the hard work Mother’s went through raising their own children. I feel this reflection materializes once we have our own children. It is only then that the true understanding of what it takes to be parents arrives before us. Of course the sleepless nights that we will never regain comes to mind or the endless diaper changes for those first years. These things will never be understood by our children until they have their own but something magical happens once you realize this. A since of understanding is shared between all parents and this day is just one special day to acknowledge your mother’s devoted hard work.

As fellow florist, many parents themselves share their ideas of how to express your love by sending flowers. We are asked to share three of our favorite flowers for this upcoming holiday.

Tropical Flowers come to mind with their hearty petals and long lasting blooms.

Gerbera Daisies available in many rich and vibrant colors that complement any arrangement and most likely become a focal point for any arrangement.

Hydrangea with its soft texture appearance and its changing colors through out the year.

This mother’s day make it a special day by sending a beautifully designed arrangement to really express what Mother’s Day really means.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Featured Arrangement Week Of April 9th

Stargazer And Orchids

This weeks featured arrangement has quickly become our customers new favorite arrangement.

This arrangements is in a 9" glass vase with Purple Dendrobium Orchids Stargazer Lilies arranged one sided.

Stargazers And Orchids by Everyday Flowers

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wedding Flowers Cannons Restaurant Dana Point (CA)

Our recent wedding took place at the Cannons Restaurant located in Dana Point, CA.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Weeks Featured Arrangement

Every week we will be featuring an arrangement on our blog. For our first arrangement it will be a new arrangement. Our Dozen Red Roses With Stargazer Lilies. This arrangement comes with our Red Freedom Roses With Stargazer Lilies With Safora Dark Blue.

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