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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Featured Arrangements By Everyday Flowers

We have just uploaded three new arrangements to the website. These arrangements will be featuring some of the local hydrangea that is no available. Hydrangea will be available throughout the summer months and will continue to change color until it reaches it antique green look around August to September.

Our first arrangement has a soft lavender hydrangea with Gerbera Daises Alstromeria Lisianthus and Seafoam Statice with a Tea Leaf wrapped in the rectangular glass vase. Many of our customers don't realize this but a majority of the flowers that we use in our arrangements are grown here in California. Mostly down in the San Diego farms where we see Stock Alstromeria Fillers including Wax Flower and Seafoam Statice. Even most of our greens that we use such as the many types of Eucalyptus and the Geranium Leaves.

Which brings us to our next arrangement. Our second arrangement has white hydrangea with Gerbera Daises Roses Alstromeria Yarrow Solidaster Eucalyptus and Chocolate Geranium leafs. The Chocoalte Geranium has an incredible scent to them as well as the hint of Eucalyptus really makes this arrangement complete.

Gerbera Daises are also grown down in the San Diego area and they need a good amount of sunlight to grow with nearly perfect temperature to grow which makes San Diego the perfect location to grow these incredible flowers.

Hydrangea is also grown in these farms and are available in many types and of course colors. Annabelle and Mophead Hydrangea are the most popular when it comes to florist.

Our final arrangement features Pink Hydrangea with Roses Alstromeria China Mum Hypericum Eucalyptus Wax Flower and to top it off we have a matching ribbon with a Manzanita Branch and matching butterfly.
These three arrangements mark the beginning of the Summer Season so look for new arrangements being added to the website as we begin to see the summer flowers begin to arrive in our store.
Remember that we do offer delivery of our products to all cities located in Orange County California.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Local Florist Opportunity And Customer Service.

Back in February soon after we had finished the busy Valentines holiday. We had a unique opportunity that presented itself. See I am part of a community of florist that share ideas and monitor many things that go on the Internet through a forum called Flowerchat. Since joining three years ago I have had the opportunity of talking with and learning from some of the best minds in the floral industry. If you can imagine florist all over the country sharing ideas in one location, the amount of information available can be very informative. As I was checking the new post of the day I had found a video link from a post called How 1800flowers ruined my life. Since it was posted after the Holiday I figured it may be a video concerning customer complaints against them so I decided to see what the post was about and watched a video that was created by Ron Amok.

After watching the video I realized that for the first time I had the opportunity to see through the consumers eyes what it must be like to order flowers for Valentines Day and not have them arrive. After looking at the video and reading more I soon realized that Ron was located in Aliso Viejo, CA. So I decided to do something. I contacted Ron via email letting him know that I had watched his video and apologized for what he had gone through. I wanted him to know that 800flowers doesn't represent all florist and to show him what I meant I offered to send him Two Dozen Roses from our shop.

I received an email from him thanking me for my offer. He was very much surprised by my offer and said that he would be calling us next time he needed flowers. I had a chance to sit down with Ron and talk about how I found out about his video and then discussed some of the new ways business owners are using the Internet to market their business through You Tube and Social Networking.

My goal everyday in our shop is to make sure that every customer recieves a beautful arrangement and offer a great way to order flowers either through our website or by phone. Starting with good customer service is something that I have always felt strongly about and taking care of our customers needs and any compalints quckily is our #1 priority. I want to thank Ron for putting together two fantastic videos and for giving me something to think about when the next Valentines Day Arrives.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Graduation Flowers And Balloons In Orange County

The graduation season is on hand and we just finished adding some new graduation balloons that are now available by themselves or can be added to our flower arrangements. We now have class of 2008 balloons as well as congrats grad latex balloons. Flowers have also become very popular when it comes to sending gifts to recent grads and with the growering popularity of orchid leis our balloons are the perfect addition.

We do deliver all of our own products in Orange County including our graduation balloons and orchid leis. We hope to have even more choices as we get closer to the june surge of graduations.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Send The Gift Of Flowers For Mother's Day

We have some beautiful arrangements ready for ordering on our website for this coming Mother's Day Holiday. With the full force of spring upon on us the availability of flowers can be seen in our shop and the size and quality can be seen in the product. Tulips are popular this time of the year but some of our other favorite flowers such as Snap Dragons and Stock are nice and full.

Even our roses are looking especially nice as we begin to received our shipments of fresh flowers this week. Mother's Day marks the end of the busy season for our shop and with the coming summer months we will begin to shift into the wedding season. Mother's day for us will also be a crucial starting point as we prepare to go through the slower summer months. We ask that our customers take the time to search out their favorite local florist because this week will be a very important week for many of us as consumers are bombarded with Mothers day gift ideas.

Flowers for Mother's Day can be something very special and choosing your local florist to send your gift of flowers during these difficult economic times not only helps your own community by keeping that money close by but will help your local florist stick around during these slower then normal times. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers that have continued to take the time and search out for their local florist.

Remember to always use your local florist.

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