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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google Allows Misleading Proflower Ads In Local Florist Listings.

Over the Valentines holiday a disturbing Proflowers ad appeared during searches for local florist that suggested that they where sold out for Valentines Day. Chez Bloom a florist in Minneapolis, MN did a search for their business using their own business name and discovered this misleading ad that appeared above their business map.

Search Results Showing Misleading Ad From Proflowers
This is one of the reasons we have been so concerned about these new placement of ads that appear within the Google business listings or business bubble that can manipulate the consumer to think they where clicking on a website link or calling a phone number that could be listed within the ad while searching for the local florist using their own name. Google should reconsider allowing these ads to appear so close to a local business listing. It creates confusion and we only see this hurting Google's reputation by tricking visitors into clicking on another ad. As a business that uses google adwords we really are considering if we can continue to use our account when Google has allowed a company to show ads right under other business listings that could potentially deflect consumers from visiting a local business website..

We want to belivie that Google only wants to show relevant search results for online searches. However with this new way of showing ads we feel that Google is only going to damage its own reputation. Showing these types of ads as well as giving the tools to larger companies to use small business listings to mislead the consumer with ads that clearly are designed to lure the consumer away from a local business website.


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