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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Freedom Roses

Two Dozen Red Roses Created With Freedom RosesNew Roses Called Freedom Roses

In September of 2004 we had the opportunity to test a new rose called a Freedom Rose. We began receiving this rose weekly and soon realized that we had one of the best rose products available for our customers. Many florist traditionally have used roses such as Classy or Charlotte over the years.

Most problems with the Classy Rose was that this rose would have the appearance of a high petal count rose but would have problems opening sometimes not even opening at all and customers would experience their dozen rose arrangements with black buds drooped over. Charlotte on the other hand open beautifully unfortunately to fast and sometimes would not have a very long bloom life.

Dozen Red Roses Wrapped

The Freedom Rose was the perfect solution and not only offering a longer lasting bloom but a high petal count with a very strong healthy stem. This product sold itself as customers began to ask for this rose by its name and of course by us educating our customers about them as well. We had finally found a core product that we really could count on for its consistent quality on a weekly bases. We soon started to receive multiple shipments on this product however because of the strong demand we were limited to a standing order only and was unable to provide this product for the 2005 Valentines Day Holiday. During the Summer of 2005 we experienced a even stronger demand for this rose. Even though roses are in strong demand for February it is not the best of quality during that time of the year and the Summer Season is actually in its peak. We spent the summer promoting this rose which was looking even better as I am sure the growers were starting to cut more mature bushes.
Like many florist in the industry the planning for Valentines Day is a very complicated process. You have to know sometimes months in advanced how much product you want to order as well as pay well in advance. We decided after the summer that the Freedom Rose was going to be the product that we were going to use and began to plan for the Holiday. Not only was the Holiday a success for us but our customers were very pleased with the product. The response from our customers reinforced the quality of the Freedom Rose and we will continue to use this product in our business.

We would like to thank our local wholesaler for providing us consistently every week this product. And we would also like to thank Benchmark Growers for providing such a great product to the industry.

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Blogger Dawn said...

I've received these roses a couple of times now and they are beautiful. They hold up very well and are very full.

11:51 AM  

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