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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bodega Chocolates Now Available At

We are pleased to announced a new line of chocolates that can be added to your gift of flowers and balloons. We now offer Bodega Chocolates that include many of their favorite chocolate gift boxes. Located in Fountain Valley Bodega Chocolates have become a very well known company that offer Chocolates Truffles and other great Chocolate gifts.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Excellent Advice For Ordering Flowers Online

This is by far the best news coverage we have ever seen exposing many of the problems that have plagued the flower industry. Buying flowers online could cost more than you get this article really outlines how these companies work and we personally want to thank the news channel that did a very thoroughly investigation exposing Ordering Gathering in the floral industry.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Why Support Your Local Florist This Mothers Day.

This week will be a very busy week as the staff here at Everyday Flowers prepare for the Mothers Day Holiday. As we began to prepare for this week we are looking for ways to help our customers during these difficult times. We will be offering more locally grown California flowers this year to help keep down the cost of sending flowers this Mothers Day. Just like most businesses we have seen our share of hard times since the economic slow down and know that our customers are feeling the same difficulties. Sending flowers as a gift this year has become more difficult as we hear of other flower shops closing around us. Consumers have cut back on their spending and are looking for ways to spend their money wisely.

Specials for Mother's Day flowers are slowly being offered by larger companies. The continued trend of misleading advertising began to flood the search results on search engines promising cheaper and more inexpensive flower arrangements delivered by a local florist. We want to remind our customers and to all of the consumers that purchase flowers that those deep discounts and misleading ads come at price. The consumer will end up paying a little more in the way of convenience and service fees. The local florist also will share a percentage of each transaction that is funneled through these Order Gatherers.

The larger companies do not create and hand deliver your flower arrangements. They do not wake up in the early morning hours and shop for the freshest flowers available at the flower market. They are just the middleman looking for a way to siphon a piece of the transaction between the consumer and the florist.

Direct shipments of flowers in a box have become a new way to send flowers as a gift. But what consumers don't see is the end result of their gift. A box of flowers left on the porch waiting for the recipient to arrange them. Or a box delivered to a funeral home that relies on the funeral home director to arrange the flowers for the service. This way may save the buyer a few dollars but the message is not the same compared to receiving a beautifully arranged display of flowers in a vase.

This Mothers Day will mark the last flower holiday before the long summer. Most flower shops will rely upon this holiday to get through the slower business during the summer months. The survival of many of these flower shops will depend upon how the consumer will purchase their flowers this year. Searching for a local florist is a difficult challenge online. It takes research and patience but it is possible to find a local florist. Take the time and look for that local florist. Include searches for "florist" and "flower shops" and be sure to include the "city" and "state". Florist are facing the same challenges that the local butcher faced and more recently the independent book store. Instead of adding more stimulus money to another corporate company why not spend a little this year within your local community.

This Mothers Day send the gift of flowers and do so by supporting your local florist.

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