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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frozen Roses - Now That's Romantic!

Hilarious! Opening a gift of drop-shipped roses frozen so hard you can bang them on a table. I bet that guy got a frosty reception when he got home.

It goes to show you what can happen when you order flowers from this company. It really wouldn't be so bad if consumers weren't tricked into thinking they are recieveing flowers arranged. Many of our customers have told us they had no idea that their flowers where sent that way.

Even today we still have customers ask if the flowers are going to arrive with a vase or in a box.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Corsages And Boutonnieres For Winter Formal

Many High Schools are hosting their Winter Formals over the next couple of weeks. We have already had orders for many of the ones that have taken place for past two weeks. Probally the most popular type of that have been ordered have been the Fiber Optic Corsages and Boutionnieres. These cool little items have been available at our store for some time. Last year we actually saw most of our suppliers sell out and by the time Prom came around we found ourselves comming short when offering these upgrades.

Since prom last year we have found a reliable source for the Fiber Optic Lights and now have more colors available in our store. We had the pleasure today of creating a red rose corsage using the red fiber optics. I think the picture speaks for itself.

You can go to our website and order Corsages and Boutonnieres and take a look at our complete album featureing many different types of Corsages and Boutonnieres that we have available this year.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Man its Valentines Day Again!

Yes its that time again. The search for that perfect Valentines gift has begun. Sending the gift of flowers is usually one of the top gifts that are sent and of course the top flower arrangement to send is the Dozen Red Rose Arrangement. When consumers are looking for a way to send rose arrangements we are asked all kinds of questions.

The number one question that most of our customers ask us is are the roses going to show up in a vase or in a box like Proflowers? We assure our customers that we do not dropship our rose arrangements and they will look exactly how they appear in the picture on our website. The quality of the rose is also another question that we get asked. We have been using the same rose for the past 4 years now. It is called a Freedom Rose and this rose not only has a beautful red color, it is also known for its high number of petals that slowly open fully displaying its rich color.

Our freedom roses are always available throughout the year in our store but to have these roses sent for Valentines Day is the perfect gift for sending to loved ones.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Charles Guerrier 1947-2008

We have a lost an employee, a friend and a family member.

On Friday January 11th 2008 our driver "Chuck" past away. He had joined us back in 2006 as one of our drivers. He was an important part of our business not just because of his position but because of what he brought every single day to our customers. Soon after he was hired we began to hear responses from our customers about him. He just knew how to treat our customers and that is something that comes along once in a great while.

We deal with emotions every single day in our business and sometimes it can be a little scary at times but to have the right people in place that can handle our customers emotions is something that is needed in our business. From the person taking the order to the person that hands the arrangement to the recipient. You could defintly say that Chuck completed that important circle for us.
Of course Chuck loved flowers. You could say he really loved flowers! There wouldn't be a day that he would not walk into the coolers to glance around the flower selection. The one thing that he did say to us so many times and it still sticks in my mind as I type this. He really enjoyed working for us.
Uncle Chuck we loved having you work for us too. Thank you so much and we will miss you!!
On Friday January 18th the staff of Everyday Flowers will be attending Charles services at Long Beach Memorial from 1PM to 4:30pm.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Welcome to our new flowers and fruit section.

Over the years we have deveolped many new versions of our flowers and fruit arrangements and we have finally put together an entire section on our site devoted to one of our most popular product lines. From our recent fruit arrangements created for Cirque Du Soleil 2007 Orange County opening night. To last years Colors of Google arrangement.
Take a look at all of our fruit and flower arrangements that are available on our website.

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