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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Round 2 - Battle Of The Flower Designers

Everyday Flowers Vs Avante Gardens
The Battle Of California!

Black Magic Topiary Flowers By Everyday FlowersThis arrangement we will call Black Magic Topiary.

Whats in the mix
Black Magic Roses

Cymbidum Orchids
Bells of Ireland
Galax Leaves
Agonis Foliage
Curly Willow.

This arrangement was created by Linh Shaw one of the owners of Everyday Flowers a Florist Located In Tustin California. The inspiration of this design comes from the beginning years of our shop when Linh would design these types of topiary arrangements for our customers. The black magic rose is known for its deep dark color and Linh decided to use the matching Burgundy Dahlias.

From our Everyday Flowers Youtube Channel we have created the Black Magic Topiary Video showing our creative designer Linh Shaw creating this arrangement with some footage of the completed arrangement. Be sure to check back when voting begins and vote for Everyday Flowers.

The video is in HD so connection maybe a little slow. Start the video and then pause it until its completely uploaded.

Here is Avante Gardens entry. This arrangement was designed by Catherine Hillen-Rulloda. She has created this upscale flower arrangement by using different techniques of design including their much talked about hand woven palms. The flowers that are used in the arrangement include

Cherry Brandy Roses
Red Amaranthus
Pink Danthus
Gold Mokara Orchids
Monstera leaves
Tea Leaves
Woven Palms

Avante Gardens Video also shows how they put together the arrangement giving a great description of the flowers that are used. Hey they have some great lighting!! Avante Gardens is A Florist Located In Anaheim California.

Be sure To Place Your Vote For Your Favorite Design Between Everyday Flowers vs Avante Gardens. Voting Polls Are Now Open. VOTE NOW

Belvedere Flowers Vs Twigs Flowers
East Coast vs West Coast

Yellow By Belvedere FlowersHere is the next match up with the first flower design from Belvedere Flowers. This Florist Located in Havertown Pennsylvania has created their arrangement using

Yellow Roses
Mini Calla Lilies
Oncidium Orchids
Sea Star Fern
Sword Fern
Lily Grass
Curly Willow

This arrangement was created by Adam over at Belvedere Flowers and once again Adam has rocked this design challenge with a spectacular design using Yellow Roses as his main flower.

You can also see his video over at Belvedere Flowers Youtube Channel watch him create his Yellow Flowers Video.

The second arrangement in this battle of East Coast Versus West Coast is from Twigs Flowers a local Florist In Yerrington Nevada. The list of flowers that were used to create this stunning arrangement are

Sweetness Roses
Cherry Follies Spray Roses
White mini Calla lilies
White Sterling Rang
Lily Gradd
Seeded Eucalyptus
Variegated Pitt
Lemon Leaf
Curly Willow

Twigs Florist also has posted their Video on their Twigs Flowers You Tube Channel. Their arrangement called The Rose Spiral shows the designer and owner Tracey creating their arrangement.

Be sure to place your vote between Belvedere Flowers versus Twigs Flowers on the voting page beginning today. VOTE NOW

Remember there are two different challenges between these 4 florist.

Everyday Flowers Versus Avante Gardens VOTE NOW
Belvedere Flowers Versus Twigs Flowers VOTE NOW

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Vote For Your Favorite Flower Arrangement.

Voting for the March Madness Design Contest is now running.

There are four matches so you can vote for four different arrangements.

Videos of the flower arrangements are included on each polling page.

Hollyhocks Flowers And Gifts Versus Twigs Flowers

Affairs To Remember Versus Avante Gardens Florist

Everyday Flowers Versus Mums And More

Anytime Flowers Versus Belvedere Flowers

Polls are open from March 11th thru March 20th. Be sure to vote your favorite arrangement in each match. Once the four winners are chosen we will be doing a 2nd round of new arrangements.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fourth Entries March Madness Flower Design Contest

Hollyhocks Flowers vs Twigs Florist

Video From Hollyhocks Flowers. Florist located in Saint Louis Missouri.
Designer Susan has created their arrangement in red whites and blues. We better see this flower arrangement added to their website and hopefully they will shoot it so you can see that long tail created with the orchids in the picture. Beautiful flower arrangement by the way!!

Video From Twigs Flowers. Florist In Yerington Nevada.
Designer Tracey created their flower arrangement using some yummy orange roses orange parrot tulips and pink gerbera daises. Melissa also designed her flower arrangement in a vintage roaster pan. That's an awesome arrangement.

Well once again be sure to vote tomorrow on your favorite floral arrangements starting on Friday March 12th. Remember this contest will have four different winners and the shops are competing against each other.

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Third Entries March Madness Flower Design Contest

Affairs To Remember Versus Avante Gardens

Video From Affairs To Remember. Florist Located In Melrose Massachusetts.
Designer Lori has created a long a low flower arrangement constructing a structure in the center of the arrangement using lily grass. The choices of variegated leaves are also a favorite. Great Job Lori!!

Video From Avante Gardens. Florist Located In Anaheim California.
Designer Catherine Hillen-Rulloda AAF, AIFD, PFCI has created their arrangement showing ways to use a fan palm creating a dramatic arrangement. Wow where is that Southern California Floral Design School located at?

Remember to come back tomorrow Friday March 12th to vote for your favorite design between these two flower shops.

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Second Entries March Madness Flower Design Contest

Everyday Flowers Versus Mums And More.

Video From Everyday Flowers. Florist Located In Tustin California.
Designer Linh has created a lush flower arrangement using Oranges And Yellows. The use of the blooming acacia and the lush green hydrangea are personal favorites.

Video From Mums And More. Florist Located In Wagner South Dakota.
Designer Elizabeth Brandt has created their arrangement using white hydrangea and pink gerbera daises. I love the use of the Snap Dragons all leaning to one side of the arrangement with the bear grass splashing out of the arrangement. Great job and good luck.

Voting will began Tomorrow Friday March 12 so check back tomorrow to began voting.

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First Entries March Madness Flower Design Contest.

Anytime Flowers Vs. Belvedere Flowers

Video From Anytime Flowers. Florist Located In Saint Paul Minnesota .
Designer Linda Has Created A Stunning Flower Arrangement Using Orchids And Pussy Willow Twigs I Love The Curves created from the top to the bottom of the arrangement.

Video From Belvedere Flowers. Florist Located In Havertown Philadelphia.
Designer and Rocker Adam has created this linear designed arrangement focusing on each type of flower that is being used. It really is a beautiful floral arrangement especially the color choices bringing the thoughts of spring time.

Voting will began Friday March 11th so be sure to check back when we open the polls for this first round of entries.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Battle of the Flower Designers- March Madness 2010

Starting tomorrow March 10 2010 videos will be submitted on YouTube with flower designs from different florist across the country.

This contest will be including 8 flower shops in California, Nevada, Missouri, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Dakota & Minnesota.

The designs will include a recipe of products that include,

5 tulips
7 carnations
5 gerbera daisies
3 hydrangeas
7 roses
5 snapdragons
3 dendrobium orchids
1/4 bunch of statice
4 types of greens (foliages of choice)
1 twig type (birch, curly willow, pussy willow, flowering branches)
Container of your choice ( you may use floral foam in your container)
Colors in your choice

These designs will also be judged by

Carol Bice, AIFD, AAF, FAM

Public voting will began tomorrow when the videos are made live on YouTube. This is a three round contest starting with the 8 shops.

Everyday Flowers in Tustin CA Vs. Mums & More in Wagner SD

Twigs in Yerington NV Vs. Hollyhocks Flowers in St. Louis MO

Belvedere- Havertown PA Vs. Anytime Flowers in Saint Paul MN

Avante Gardens in Anaheim CA Vs. Affairs To Remember in Melrose MA

Be sure to subscibe to Everyday Flowers YouTube Channel to see our video when its uploaded.

You can also follow us on Everyday Flowers Twitter Page and Everyday Flowers Facebook Page.

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