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Friday, March 17, 2006

Tropical Flower Arrangements

Tropical Dream by Everyday FlowersEveryday Flowers Florist
Tustin California

Being on the West Coast we have the ability of providing some of the freshest Tropical Flowers in Orange County available. From Dendrobium Orchids from Thailand to Ginger, Heliconia and Anthuriums from Hawaii. Southern California is hub of many varieties heading towards other florist throughout the United States.

What some people don't realize is the ease of taking care of Tropical Flowers. Many of these flowers are available year round and proper care of these flowers take very little effort. As with all flower arrangements fresh clean water is the key to prolonging the life of them.

Remembering that almost all Tropical Flowers come from humid conditions so by keeping your arrangements out of dry weather is also an important key to prolonging the life of Tropical Dream Largethese beautiful flowers. Misting them with water by just using a spray bottle can have a huge effect on keeping your Tropical Flowers looking fresh longer. Many Tropical Flowers actually drink water from the flower instead of just relying upon the stem to receive its nourishments.

That reminds me when you receive Cymbidium Or Phalaenopsis Orchid plants you can prolong the life of the blooms by misting them with water as well.

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