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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pre Book Your Valentine's Day Order

As we are getting closer to our favorite time of the year, well actually I think it’s the grower’s favorite time of the year. Its time to start checking out those deals that so many of those Flower Brokers are offering to the consumer.

Yes the price wars for Valentines are here. Pre book your Valentines Day order and save 25% to 40%. Taking a look at those prices right now makes you think why is it so much higher to order on Valentine’s Day then if I ordered now? The truth of the matter is that many of these online companies aren’t really florist and don’t have an actual location. Most of them will not be ordering Roses to stock in their stores and many of them never have.

So what is the catch? How can they offer such great deals? Many florist including ourselves have always pre book their roses months before the holiday. There is no substantial savings involved when a florist pre book’s their roses but it does help them make sure they are getting their roses. These discount prices that are being offered by these non florist are in fact done with out any consideration of the real cost.

One of the biggest factors this year compared to last year’s prices is shipping and transportation cost. Many of our pre booked roses as well as most floral related items have in fact gone up this year compared to last year by 15%. If you look right now we believe many of these non florists have actually kept their prices the same as last year with total disregard to the increases in the products this year.

The consumer needs to understand what florists are up against in this industry. The promise of lower pricing and misleading advertising hurts the industry as a whole. We want every consumer to be aware and pay attention when they are placing their orders this year. Contacting a local florist is usually your safest choice but beware that many of the online yellow pages are beginning to show more fake florist listings.

Take the time and make sure you are ordering from a real florist this year.

Useful Links For Consumers

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