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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Eve at Everyday Flowers

So you may be wondering what its like the night before one of the busiest days in the floral industry. After spending the last seven days answering calls and continuing to create our arrangements. The after hours work begins.

Staff and owners will be working into the night. Vases of greens will be lined up and down their work stations. As the final touches are added into each arrangement twelve long stem red roses are carefully prepped for each vase as the designer begins to add the most important part of the arrangement. Every single rose is sliced carefully at an angle and the final additions of filler and ribbons are placed into the arrangement.

As the arrangements are completed, tagged and stored another crucial planning is taken place. Hundreds of orders are being laid out on the floor. Orders are placed in stacks first by cities and then by zip codes. Each run is assigned a driver and then mapped into the software. As the drivers routes are put into place and the arrangements are organized into their runs someone else is blowing up the balloons tagging the chocolates and attaching the stuffed animals to their arrangements.

Sometime during the early morning hours the arrangements begin to make their way to each of the delivery vehicles. Special delivery trays are used but of course there is never enough for the volume of orders that will be delivered. Bungy cords and empty vase boxes are used to hold the last arrangements in place. By this time it will be close to dawn and the remaining staff will begin to get ready for the final day of orders. Phones will begin to ring but even though we want to help every single customer it will be impossible to get them all.

Florist and their staff are the most dedicated and hardest workers in any business. Months of planning go into the final days of Valentine's Week. Relying mostly on friends and family to pull off one of the busiest and demanding days of the year. We will go days without sleep and sometimes days without seeing our children and loved ones.

Just remember this when you call us in the morning. We will do our best to get you valentine's arrangement delivered on time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to say that you were amazing!!!
My valentine was out of state so I didn't consider sending flowers.. but I knew a few girls that needed them.. so I called in 2/15 at about 9:00 and said I would be there in 20 minutes and needed 3 sets of flowers.. you had it ready and more beautiful then I imagined.. You are so great at design, and servie and have gotten things delivered the same day that I thought would be impossible.. by email or by phone.. you get my message.

Thank you,
OC Roller Girls
Orange County's Roller Derby League

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I called the day after the big day and you were still happy and cheerful... wow- better then I would be.. you sent out something for me on the same day and it was beautiful!

Thank you,
Heather Shelton
Opera Pacific

5:23 PM  
Blogger Everyday Flowers Tustin said...

Thanks heather. You know thats what we are here for!!! There is no reason why we should give any of our customers an attitude when they call. We are the real deal and even though most business forget about who pays the bills we diffently know who does and if it wasn't for kick butt customers like you we wouldn't even be here. Thanks again and we will always be happy to give our best when it comes to customer service.

11:08 PM  

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