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Friday, March 21, 2008

Rapping Singing Birthday Balloons

Here is a short video showing a Rapping Birthday Theme Balloon. Our Singing Balloons have become a very popular choice when customers are looking to send Balloon Bouquets in Orange County. Since our quest began in August to incorporate the many different and unique products from the balloon industry we have realized that the quality of the balloons also makes a big difference. Choosing many of the products that are available from Qualatex is also another way to give value to our customers balloon orders. One way we have given more value to our balloon bouquets is the use of products that help add to the float time of the balloon. Before latex balloons would began to loose their floating ability after only hours of being filled. By using a product call Hi-Float we see our latex balloons lasting days instead of hours giving more value to our customers balloon bouquets. Using quality Foil balloons also adds more value to our customers orders. When you use lower grade Foil they seem to last for a few days instead of a week or sometimes more.
We would also like to announce our completion of our Birthday Balloon Page on our website. This page now list many of the actual pictures of the Birthday Foil Balloons. So now customers have a way to begin to customize their choice when order Balloon Bouquets on our website.

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Anonymous justin said...

these ballons are great, but even though we have carried them they haven't been big sellers in our shop.
have they moved well in yours?

12:00 PM  

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