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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hand Made Orchid Leis By Everyday Flowers

Here we have a video showing Linh creating our Double White Orchid Lei. Many of our customers ask, what is the difference between our single versus our double orchid leis? If you watch closely you will see that Linh is actually taking the orchid and placing the needle through the side of the orchid creating a circle of orchids around the string versus placing the needle through the center of the orchid as we do when we are creating our single orchid leis.

Orchid leis are becoming more popular during the Graduation Season. From High Schools to College Graduations Orchid Leis continue to grow in popularity. We have many choices when ordering our orchid leis. The difference will depend upon if you are looking for a quality hand made orchid lei versus a mass produced Lei. Using fresh product is the key and since we receive shipments weekly of orchids we are able to create these Leis year round in our store.


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