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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Order Flowers And Balloons Online With Everyday

Well its the beginning of November and soon we will know who will be the next President of the United States. The past three months have see some incredible changes not only in the economy but in the floral business. Recently we have see some big and smaller flower shops within our area close their doors. We here can't even imagine making that difficult decision but as consumers change the way they purchase their flowers it becomes more difficult to compete with the growing online presence of flower ordering. This is one of the reasons we decided to create our own website for ordering our products. It's not an easy thing to do and the amount of time that is required to create and update is a full time job in itself. Our website has just completed its 4th year anniversary and we are more excited today about the continue changes that we have implemented on our online store.

We have been working to recreate many of the images that are featured on our website. By taking more time to work on our lighting and photography skills we have updated many of our original designs with newer and crisp looking pictures.

We recently updated our Mixed Colored Rose Arrangement to really reflect what this beautiful arrangement looks like when it is delivered. Our Rose and Orchid Arrangement pictured here that was taken on February 6, 2006 still looks great after we where able to zoom in on the arrangement to give an up close view of this one of kind rose arrangement.

One of our newest arrangements was recently added to the website that took one of our Tropical Designs that a customer recently ordered and had choose to upgrade the arrangement. This tropical arrangement has continued to evolve since we first introduced it to our website in 2003. The container has changed but the design has continued on.

One of our newest sections of our website that was created in August of 2007 was our Balloons page. This section has continued to grow over the past year in which we have just began to add more balloons related to the seasonal balloon products that are coming available. Its taken over a year to create this section and to continue to update it with new and exciting products that are coming available in the balloon industry. What our customers don't realize is the amount of work that goes into this section. Its not just taken a photo and uploading it onto the website.

There is much more work going on behind the scenes including locating the products and developing them in our store. There are some great suppliers to help us supply our store with these balloons products. However with these changing times it is becoming more difficult to locate specific balloons at just one source. We have contacted distributes all over the United States to bring our customers many of the choice we have when it comes to our balloons.

One of our newest products has been the Qualatex Bubble Balloons that are actually made with a stretchy plastic material that when filled correctly will have a smooth round surface versus the Mylar balloons that have the crumpled edges around the seem. Not only do these balloons look special but they last for up to 4 weeks and can be easily refilled.

A new category that we just recently added to the website is our New Years Balloons section. These balloons are now available for ordering from our website and we carry some exciting new products including printed Happy New Years Latex Balloons and Happy New year Mylar Balloons. Our featured New Years Balloon Bouquet pictured here will be available for delivery within our delivery area in Orange County California. One of the most exciting products that have continued to our customers favorite is our Singing Balloons. We have also been lucky enough to locate a Happy New Years Singing Balloon that is now available on our website. When you tap on the balloon it plays Auld Land Syne making this one of kind New Years Balloon Bouquet the perfect gift to send to family and friends.

As we get ready for another Holiday Season look for new and exciting Flower Arrangements for Christmas as well as Balloons Chocolates and Stuffed Animals that will be available for ordering our website.

One of the last things we would like to mention is the fact that many of our customers have been taking the time to write reviews about our services. This is a great way to show others what Everyday Flowers provides when you order flower arrangements or any of our products that are featured on our website. We would like to thank every single of our customers that have taken the time to write these great reviews.

Not only do they tell us what we are doing to make your ordering experience a memorable one but it also shares with other possible new customers that are looking for the best ways to send their gift of flowers in Orange County California. One of the most talked about sources of Reviews about Everyday Flowers can be found on Yahoo Local where to date we have received 48 ratings about our services. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us and other potential customers.


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