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Monday, March 20, 2006

Funeral Flowers

Tustin Florist Everyday Flowers

A funeral arrangement created with Blue and White flowers including blue delphinum white roses and white lilies attached to a standing easle.
Probably one of the hardest parts of this business is handling orders for Funeral Flowers. As a owner I never imagine how difficult it was to help our customers during this time. To be the one that deliveries arrangements for newborns and anniversaries and then has to help a well known customer decide on what to send to a funeral service or to someone's home is very difficult.

To be close to a human beings death is something that you just can never get use to and to deal with it as a business is very difficult. The balance of keeping things as a business and dealing with a customers sorrow is a constant battle.

We know that we are providing a service and helping those that perhaps cannot attend or just want to let remaining family members know that they are thinking about them.

What most consumers don't realize is the amount of work that does go into creating many of the funeral pieces. The amount of time that goes into preparing the container or the spray housing, to the actual piecing together of the arrangement. Most consumers believe that this is a time that most florist in general raise prices to take advantage of them. However it really is more work then is realized to create a Sympathy Cross filled with flowers and attaching a spray of Stargazer Lilies. Each stem is cut and placed and made sure that is aligned with the other flowers. The oasis is kept moist so that flowers continue to receive the water. To make sure the flowers have the best chance to survive for perhaps days with no cooled environment or even water added to the arrangement we have to wait to the last possible moment to create them.

It is a difficult time for the family members and to provide this type of service means that we need to do our best to ensure that the arrangements receive as much care before it is delivered so that the quality of the flowers do not interfere with atmosphere of the service.
It is the one time that we must do our best not only for our customers that we deal with on a daily bases but for their friends and family members.

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