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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spring Flowers Tulips Now Available

Just finished adding three new Tulip Arrangements to the website. Tulips will be available until the end of May except during the week of Valentine's Day. All colors will be available.
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Our three new arrangements are arranged in a cylinder glass vase. We decided this year to use this type of vase to make sure that there was plenty of water, a larger opening for the growth of the tulips, easier access for adding fresh water, and for nice clean and elegant look to the arrangement.
Some Tips for Careing for Your Tulips.
1. Tulips need to be kept in a well lighted area. No direct sunlight.
2. Keep away from heat sources.
3. Keep plently of fresh water in the container and change the water when it becomes cloudy.
4. Recut tulips when you change the water usually after2 to 3 days and make sure you use a knife not scissors.

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Blogger Sean Carter said...

Hey this is a quite nice...thanks for this post...and since valentines day is coming up pretty soon there'll be a huge demand for flowers on no time...well i've also included a few posts on valentines day ideas and stuff over at my blog so stop by sometime and enjoy all the love it's filled up with!!!

9:15 PM  

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