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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Google Analytics Helps Weed Out Excess Advertising Cost

A recent post about the fraud I discovered from our Citysearch account. I have also discovered a growing trend with most referral websites. Since then I have closed our City Search account since most traffic was not coming from the actual site but from so called partner sites such as Superpages. With cost of advertising becoming a major issue it will only contribute to higher cost associtated for consumers.

Using a Gooogle Analytics has helped trim the fat from our Online Advertising Cost which ultimately results in keeping our cost of our products low. My advice to any online advertiser is to have access to reports showing expected traffic to your own site before cometing to a year of advertising. An advertiser will need to start providing estimated traffic that can be expected to your site and not just traffic to their own site. Requesting this information should be the first step and if a referral site cannot provide this information I wouldn't even consider it.

Another example of over priced advertising is from Now this site should be considered a most likely reliable source of traffic especialy with there well known name. However using analytics to track the traffic coming form the site again we are discovering very small amount coming from them and other related sources such as yahoo local and yahoo yellow pages.

In the past 30days we have measured the traffic and the results are. 22 visits with a 22% bounce rate
Yahoo Local 12 Visits with a 25% Bounce Rate
Yahoo Yellow Pages 11 visits with a 9% Bounce rate.

What do these numbers mean? A bounce rate is the amount of traffic that results in a visitor leaving the site Immediately. So out of the 45 visits only 37 of those visits actually continued to look at the website.

What is a online advertiser to do? Well creating other websites and using them to send traffic to our own has actually out performed the paying site. An example of this would be this site Find A Orange County Florist. This site cost us about $10 a month and the amount of visits equals 56 visits with a 15% bounce rate. That is a big a difference especially with a cost of $400 a month with yellow pages compared to the $10 a month cost for the Find A Orange County Florist.

So before online advertisers began to think about using a directory do your homework and ask the referring site to provide actually traffic that you can expect to your site and it should be part of the contract. If not I would tell them to take a hike and use the same money to create your own referring site. Online Advertisers need to start laying rules to these companies other wise the cost of online advertising will continue to grow out of reach.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Recent Wedding Flowers And Reception In Tustin, CA

Our recent wedding took place in the city of Tustin this pass weekend. Different shades of pink roses and stephanotis are placed into the wedding bouquet. The center pieces where made with Peonies Roses Hydrangea Lisianthus Wax Flower and Misty in a 6 inch Bubble Bowl Vase. Wedding pieces were are also hung around the patio cover over looking the pool.

Take a look at our newest wedding flower album just added the website.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

San Clemente Historic Cottage Wedding Flowers

Back in May 2007 we had the opportunity of doing a wedding at the San Clemente Historic Cottage located in San Clemente State Beach.

This wedding ceremony featured a antique arch laced with fabric and a tropical center piece made of Antheriums Ginger Parakeets Casablanca Lilies Liatris Hanging Ameranthus And Cymbidium Orchids. The two arrangements on the columns next to the arch where also made with the same flowers.

Take a look at our newest album just added to the website and look for many of our newest weddings being added to the website over the sure to be busy wedding season this summer.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everyday Flowers On The Go

Here is a recent event that we set up to sell our loose flower wraps and orchid leis. Getting out and seeing customers face to face helps us promote our business.

Many customers are always excited to see us to finally put a face on that voice at the other end of the phone. Its not easy but its just one of the ways we here at Everyday Flowers are trying to get our name out there at promote our business.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Grand Opening In Irvine

This week we provided plants and flowers for the Grand Opening of the Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy located in Irvine, CA. It featured our Orange Celebration Arrangement as well as other Orange and Flower Arrangements, Lucky Bamboo Arrangements and A varity of Plants and Trees. Take a look at our most recent photo album added to the website.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Featured Arrangement This Week June 4th 2007

This week's featured arrangement is one of our signiture arrangements with a slight color change.

Our Flowers And Limes By Everyday Flowers Arrangment has been re-done with a Yellow and Purple color scheme. Cut Limes are placed in the vase with Yellow Gerbers Yellow Tiger Lilies Green Jade Roses Purple Stock Liatris Bells Of Ireland Hanging Ameranthus Italian Ruscus And Seeded Eucaliptus.

Look for our New Summer Arrangements being added to the website over the next couple of weeks.

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