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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Florist Quality Flowers For Your Vase

Everyday Flowers Florist
Tustin California
Fresh Tulips

If your looking for flowers for that favorite vase at the home or office we have the perfect product to try. We are testing a way to provide fresh flowers to those that wish to fill up those empty vases laying around.
Red Roses
When you order flowers from us your not just paying for the flowers but for the design and presentation of the flower arrangement. With this service you can enjoy arranging fresh flowers in your own vase without going down to the supermarket or even visiting our location.
Dendrobiumn Orchids
We can deliver the flowers to you at a savings and that way you just worry about placing your favorte flowers in your own vase. We will be testing Tulips, Roses and Dendrobium Orchids.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Spring Arrangements Updated

Everyday Flowers Florist
Tustin California

Just wanted to show some of our new products that we have just added to our website. We are trying to come up with ways of creating simple arrangements with actual upgrades. The newest arrangements feature simple designs with Roses Stargazer Lilies and Gerbera Daisies.

These Basket Arrangements come in four sizes with different price points for each size. One of the great things about these baskets is that the flowers are cut low which brings the bud of the flower closer to water source. Because there is less distance for the water to travel up the stem this will help increase the life span of the overal arrangement and allow more time to for the flowers to completely open up

Monday, March 20, 2006

Funeral Flowers

Tustin Florist Everyday Flowers

A funeral arrangement created with Blue and White flowers including blue delphinum white roses and white lilies attached to a standing easle.
Probably one of the hardest parts of this business is handling orders for Funeral Flowers. As a owner I never imagine how difficult it was to help our customers during this time. To be the one that deliveries arrangements for newborns and anniversaries and then has to help a well known customer decide on what to send to a funeral service or to someone's home is very difficult.

To be close to a human beings death is something that you just can never get use to and to deal with it as a business is very difficult. The balance of keeping things as a business and dealing with a customers sorrow is a constant battle.

We know that we are providing a service and helping those that perhaps cannot attend or just want to let remaining family members know that they are thinking about them.

What most consumers don't realize is the amount of work that does go into creating many of the funeral pieces. The amount of time that goes into preparing the container or the spray housing, to the actual piecing together of the arrangement. Most consumers believe that this is a time that most florist in general raise prices to take advantage of them. However it really is more work then is realized to create a Sympathy Cross filled with flowers and attaching a spray of Stargazer Lilies. Each stem is cut and placed and made sure that is aligned with the other flowers. The oasis is kept moist so that flowers continue to receive the water. To make sure the flowers have the best chance to survive for perhaps days with no cooled environment or even water added to the arrangement we have to wait to the last possible moment to create them.

It is a difficult time for the family members and to provide this type of service means that we need to do our best to ensure that the arrangements receive as much care before it is delivered so that the quality of the flowers do not interfere with atmosphere of the service.
It is the one time that we must do our best not only for our customers that we deal with on a daily bases but for their friends and family members.

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First Day Of Spring Flowers

Everyday Flowers Florist
Tustin California

Today marks the first day of spring and of course we are getting ready to provide some of the best products that season has to offer. Of course Tulips will be the main focus of the season and many more bulb flowers will be in their peak.
Spring Flowers
Our favortes will become avaliable in the comming weeks such as Vibernuim and our favorite Lilac. Don't forget that Tiger Lilies and Delphinium will also be in their peak.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Tropical Flower Arrangements

Tropical Dream by Everyday FlowersEveryday Flowers Florist
Tustin California

Being on the West Coast we have the ability of providing some of the freshest Tropical Flowers in Orange County available. From Dendrobium Orchids from Thailand to Ginger, Heliconia and Anthuriums from Hawaii. Southern California is hub of many varieties heading towards other florist throughout the United States.

What some people don't realize is the ease of taking care of Tropical Flowers. Many of these flowers are available year round and proper care of these flowers take very little effort. As with all flower arrangements fresh clean water is the key to prolonging the life of them.

Remembering that almost all Tropical Flowers come from humid conditions so by keeping your arrangements out of dry weather is also an important key to prolonging the life of Tropical Dream Largethese beautiful flowers. Misting them with water by just using a spray bottle can have a huge effect on keeping your Tropical Flowers looking fresh longer. Many Tropical Flowers actually drink water from the flower instead of just relying upon the stem to receive its nourishments.

That reminds me when you receive Cymbidium Or Phalaenopsis Orchid plants you can prolong the life of the blooms by misting them with water as well.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Freedom Roses

Two Dozen Red Roses Created With Freedom RosesNew Roses Called Freedom Roses

In September of 2004 we had the opportunity to test a new rose called a Freedom Rose. We began receiving this rose weekly and soon realized that we had one of the best rose products available for our customers. Many florist traditionally have used roses such as Classy or Charlotte over the years.

Most problems with the Classy Rose was that this rose would have the appearance of a high petal count rose but would have problems opening sometimes not even opening at all and customers would experience their dozen rose arrangements with black buds drooped over. Charlotte on the other hand open beautifully unfortunately to fast and sometimes would not have a very long bloom life.

Dozen Red Roses Wrapped

The Freedom Rose was the perfect solution and not only offering a longer lasting bloom but a high petal count with a very strong healthy stem. This product sold itself as customers began to ask for this rose by its name and of course by us educating our customers about them as well. We had finally found a core product that we really could count on for its consistent quality on a weekly bases. We soon started to receive multiple shipments on this product however because of the strong demand we were limited to a standing order only and was unable to provide this product for the 2005 Valentines Day Holiday. During the Summer of 2005 we experienced a even stronger demand for this rose. Even though roses are in strong demand for February it is not the best of quality during that time of the year and the Summer Season is actually in its peak. We spent the summer promoting this rose which was looking even better as I am sure the growers were starting to cut more mature bushes.
Like many florist in the industry the planning for Valentines Day is a very complicated process. You have to know sometimes months in advanced how much product you want to order as well as pay well in advance. We decided after the summer that the Freedom Rose was going to be the product that we were going to use and began to plan for the Holiday. Not only was the Holiday a success for us but our customers were very pleased with the product. The response from our customers reinforced the quality of the Freedom Rose and we will continue to use this product in our business.

We would like to thank our local wholesaler for providing us consistently every week this product. And we would also like to thank Benchmark Growers for providing such a great product to the industry.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Florist Delivered Tulips

florist delivered tulips

Everyday Flowers Florist
Tustin California
Eric Shaw Owner

It’s the season again with spring flowers just around the corner. We always look forward to the many types of flowers that become available in the floral industry and tulips are defiantly one of the well know flowers that are in their peak. Here are some tips for prolonging the life of your florist delivered tulip arrangements.

Place your tulip arrangements in a cool area in your home or office and keep them away from any types of heat sources. The tulip stems will also continue to grow once placed in water. They will often begin to curve and grow towards any light source. How To Keep Your Tulips Longer

Fresh tulips should arrive in your flower arrangement standing straight up however there are times that they will bend down. This is a normal reaction perhaps from being in the florist cooler and reacting to the sudden change intemperature. All they need is a little light, some time and they will stand straight up on their own.

Keeping your tulips in fresh clean water and making sure the water line is covering the end of the stems. This will also help prolong the life of your tulips.
Don’t forget to check your water level daily.

Even though this flower is available most of the year. The springtime is the best time to enjoy the many types that are available. Just give your local florist a call and let them introduce you to a taste of what spring has to offer.

New Wedding Packages

Everyday Flowers Florist Tustin California
Everyday Flowers Orange County Florist
Today we have begun adding a new section to our florist website by adding more information about wedding prices on our site for the up and coming wedding season. We are in the process of creating bouquets to be displayed and become part of wedding packages that we will began to offer to our customers. Its not that we want to start to discount our work but we want to develop an easy way for our customers to see what they are looking for and to be able to help with customers that are shopping around. Hopefully this evening we will display our first complete package which will include Bouquets and Corsages and Boutineres.

Running A Floral Business In Orange County California by Everyday Flowers

We wanted to create a way to share the day to day operations of our business so that not only family and friends could understand what we have to go through but a way for consumers to understand what goes into running a floral business.

Everyday Flowers is located in Southern California in the city of Tustin. Our flower delivery area includes most of the cities located in Orange County so we do service a large area. We have a complete website that shows 100 percent of our own work.