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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Eve at Everyday Flowers

So you may be wondering what its like the night before one of the busiest days in the floral industry. After spending the last seven days answering calls and continuing to create our arrangements. The after hours work begins.

Staff and owners will be working into the night. Vases of greens will be lined up and down their work stations. As the final touches are added into each arrangement twelve long stem red roses are carefully prepped for each vase as the designer begins to add the most important part of the arrangement. Every single rose is sliced carefully at an angle and the final additions of filler and ribbons are placed into the arrangement.

As the arrangements are completed, tagged and stored another crucial planning is taken place. Hundreds of orders are being laid out on the floor. Orders are placed in stacks first by cities and then by zip codes. Each run is assigned a driver and then mapped into the software. As the drivers routes are put into place and the arrangements are organized into their runs someone else is blowing up the balloons tagging the chocolates and attaching the stuffed animals to their arrangements.

Sometime during the early morning hours the arrangements begin to make their way to each of the delivery vehicles. Special delivery trays are used but of course there is never enough for the volume of orders that will be delivered. Bungy cords and empty vase boxes are used to hold the last arrangements in place. By this time it will be close to dawn and the remaining staff will begin to get ready for the final day of orders. Phones will begin to ring but even though we want to help every single customer it will be impossible to get them all.

Florist and their staff are the most dedicated and hardest workers in any business. Months of planning go into the final days of Valentine's Week. Relying mostly on friends and family to pull off one of the busiest and demanding days of the year. We will go days without sleep and sometimes days without seeing our children and loved ones.

Just remember this when you call us in the morning. We will do our best to get you valentine's arrangement delivered on time.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines Day Delivery Update

Some recommendations for placing your orders for the next two days.

We are experiencing large call volumes as well as orders being placed on our website. We want all of our customers to know that your order is very important to us and we will do everything possible to complete all deliveries before 3PM on Thursday. Call volume on Wednesday will be at all time highs and we will be available long after closing on Wednesday to complete orders for delivery on Thursday. Most products are still available for delivery and as products become unavailable will begin to remove those products from the website.

To insure orders are delivered on time we are highly recommending orders placed beginning On Wednesday to seriously consider having their arrangements delivered on Wednesday!! Orders that have already been placed will have first priority for delivery on Thursday Morning. All new orders beginning on Wednesday will be looking at delivery times between 11AM and 3PM. We cannot guarantee delivery times before 11AM On Thursday for any new orders.

Please be aware that orders placed for delivery on Thursday can only be delivered to the cities of Tustin Irvine Santa Ana Costa Mesa Newport Beach Orange and Lake Forest. Orders that do not fall in those areas can not be accepted. We want to make sure that all orders are delivered no later then 3PM on Thursday so please keep this in mind.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Valentine's Day Is Thursday Feburary 14th

Yep its right around the corner and Valentines Week Starts Monday February 11th and runs through Friday February 15th. Having your gift of flowers delivered on February 14th is the most popular day of the week. But why not have your order delivered earlier. So that your loved one can enjoy their Valentines Gift all Week long.

All of our products this year feature many of our quality add ons. Starting with our Mylar Balloons you can choose to add I love You Balloons and Happy Valentines Day Balloons.

Once again we are proud to offer our Lake Champlain Chocolates and this year we have a Heart Shaped Box of Chocoaltes Small World Truffles and the assorted box of Chocolates and Truffles that can be added to your flower arrangement.

Our new Arrora Plush is also available as add ons to your order. We are featureing three bears this year including the Grizzly Cub Teddy Bear, Slushy Polar Bear and Mei Panda Bear.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Corsages With Fiber Optcs

Over the past couple weeks we have been very busy creating corsages and boutonniere. This week we have created a new Corsage featuring Blue Fiber Optics. This is a Two White Rose Corsage With Blue Fiber Optics Seeded Eucaliptus And Wax Flower with White and Gold Ribbon. You can view our complete galllery of Corsage and Boutonnieres on our website.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is the Bloom Off at FTD?

THE flower brand of your Mom and Dad, burdened with debt, faces aggressive challenges from competitors and shrinking US sales.

There is no surprise reading this article. After giving our notice with FTD 3 years ago I believe we have a better understanding on how companies like FTD and the others that are mentioned operate. Their goal is to basically be the middleman between consumers and retail florist. They have done a great job keeping the flow of money between consumers themselves and their member florist but have done incredible damage to the industry. The practice of discounting products not only has impacted the profits of FTD but retail member florist that have looked to FTD to bring them customers and assuring those customers quality product.

FTD has come up with their version of direct ship flowers furthering the continuing discount of the industry. Instead of rewarding their members with continued business they have stripped away those orders that once where filled by professional florist that proudly displayed the FTD logo in their stores. The day that FTD disappears will be one of the first steps to bringing back quality and consumer confidence back into this industry.

1800flowers is no better since they have continued to battle with FTD in their own game of price wars. But yet again 1800flowers has fooled their new members into filling their orders only to take them away again with direct ship flowers.

I am a retail florist and even though everyone once to do our job it will only be done correctly through the eyes and hands of a real local florist.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Sympathy Flowers By Everyday Flowers

Creation of a Funeral Flower Wreath created in our store. We offer custom Sympathy Flower Arrangements for delivery to all Mortuaries located in Orange County California. You can view most of our Sympathy Flowers on our website

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Valentines Day Roses

With just a little over a week away its time to talk about what we will be offering this year for Valentines Day. Through out the years we have developed our own arrangements and have taken the steps to listen to our customers feed back on all of our arrangements.

With months of plaining talking with growers and customers we come up with our own products that we will be offering for the very busy Valentines Week. This year we have narrowed our products to these arrangements.

Valentines day wouldn't be compelte without the tradional Dozen Red Roses. But why not take this arrangement one step further by choosing our upgraded Roses and Orchids or Roses Lilies have continued to be our customers favorite choices.

Since roses are king for Valentines Day we also offer our Two Dozen Red Roses with the same options. For those looking to take Valentines Day to the extreme we offer our Three Dozen Roses Arrangement in a tall 16" tappered glass vase. Our 50 Roses arranged in a 24" Trumbet Vase. And for the the largest arrangement we offer our 100 Red Roses in the same thrumpet vase.

Our delivery area this year will again be limited to the cities of Tustin Irvine Santa Ana Costa Mesa Newport Beach Lake Forest and the City Of Orange. As always we remind you to place your orders early for Valentines Day.

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