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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Local Florist Against Deception

The last couple of days florist across the country have been dealing with an unusual amount of negative press and the continue anti florist advertising from Proflowers.

A couple of days ago the CBS mourning show did a little PR work for Hallmark and Proflowers by offering to explain the 10 things that florist won't tell you from an article that was featured in Smart Money. Many florist across the country have sent in emails regarding the segment ad expressing their disappointment in the way the article and the broadcast portrayed all local florist.

This could be the final straw and now owners across the Untied States & Canada are fighting back. A video was recently released showing what could happen if your flowers where delivered by Proflowers and left up to the UPS or Fedex to deliver them. With total disregard to how the flowers are handled during the shipment process and left to the elements. The whole story about this can be read at the Bloomery Florist Blog.

Florist across the country have a message. They want consumers to understand that the deception of Online Flower Brokers have nothing to do with your local florist. To also understand that these companies that offer direct shipment of flowers do not offer fresher product then the product that florist carry within their coolers. Many of us are Professionals with years of designing, education and experience. Many of us love the work that we do and enjoy helping our customers express their feelings through given the gift of flowers.

I want to personally thank The Bloomery Florist for the work that they have done with their blog and helping to continue to keep the consumer informed.

The hard work and the sharing of knowledge that the owner of Avante Gardens in Anaheim has continued to do within the industry and the sharing of Ideas and Knowledge with the rest of the floral community.

A special thanks to the folks behind the Florist Detective that continues to Educate consumers and florist owners by exposing the truth of the Online Order Gatherers that continue to deceive and mislead consumers.

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Anonymous bloomery said...

Thanks for the kind words, Eric, and appreciate you spreading the word as well.

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